Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores began in 1982 and provide vital funding for The Arc Greater Twin Cities. The Arc Greater Twin Cities provides programs and services for people with developmental disabilities and their families here in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

It’s Shopping with a purpose!

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Tips from Blogger Simply Chic for Cheap

Tips from Blogger Simply Chic for Cheap

I love how thrifting can be a rewarding experience for both the customer and for the community. Allow me to elaborate. Shopping at thrift stores gives people the opportunity to save money, recycle, and support a local business, but it also helps the community! Thrift stores, such as Arc’s Value Village, give back by using...
One on One with HGTV's Cari Cucksey

One on One with HGTV’s Cari Cucksey

“Be Grateful for Everything”. That is what Cari Cucksey, repurposing guru and star of HGTV’s “Cash & Cari”, says drives her passion for reuse.  Cari is a true entrepreneur wearing many hats:  TV personality, business owner, repurposing artist, and soon to be author. We caught up with Cari recently to talk repurposing. VV: Cari, how...
Spring Forward:  The Scarf

Spring Forward: The Scarf

By Bonnie Marshall  A scarf is the simplest way to update a look and elevate a mood. It’s a timeless accessory, cares nothing of your changing waistline and is forever French. What could be better? Declare a personal style. I’m an avid scarf consumer and advocate. They are inexpensive, don’t take up a lot of...
Remembering the Cooper Theater

Remembering the Cooper Theater

The Cooper Theater If you’re a long-time Twin Citian, you likely remember the retro-wonderful Cooper Theater that used to occupy a spot along the Highway 394 corridor in St. Louis Park.  It was one of only 3 “Cinerama” theaters in the country. And it also held a place in The Arc’s history in Minnesota. “Cinerama”...